Dizi 笛子

Welcome to buy dizi flute from Sound of Mountain Music. The dizi is a Chinese transverse flute. It has varieties including the qudi and bangdi. Our company carries bamboo dizi flutes and wooden dizi flutes made by different dizi master makers, including Dong Xue Hua, Xie Bing, Huang Wei Dong, etc. We check every dizi flute before shipping and do shockproof packaging for each of them to ensure perfect condition upon arrival. Our customers are from all over the world, for example, Seattle, Los Angeles and NYC in US; Ontario, Toronto and Vancouver in Canada; Perth, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia; London and Birmingham in UK; Paris and Lyon in France; Berlin and Hamburg in Deutschland. Some other customers are from Singopore, Malaysia, New Zealand, etc. Our dizi flutes are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Customers can shop both cheap and high price dizi flutes here. Our store makes buying dizi online easy and simple.

All dizi flutes are tax free for customers in US, Canada, EU, UK, Australia, Asia and Mexico. 所有笛子美国,加拿大,欧盟,英国,澳大利亚,亚洲和墨西哥包税。我们采用专业防震包装保护每个笛子,以确保到货完好无损。我们承诺如笛子损坏,将给您重发或全额退款。欢迎各地华人华侨购选购!

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